Rawhide by the Square Foot


Rawhide by the Square Foot

Use stiff Rawhide for a variety of craft projects such as Drums, Parfleches and Rattles! We also offer pre-cut Rawhide Lacing for you to use for lacing drum heads.  When you order Rawhide for Drums, order it at least 4″ larger so you will have an overlap to accommodate the diameter of your drum frame.  (If you are making a drum, please contact us)

Cow Rawhide is the stiffest and strongest type of rawhide. We also offer Whole Hide in  Deer Rawhide  

Please note the price is per square foot, please use the quantity box to indicate how many square feet you require. Maximum size you can order is 2 ft x 3 ft piece ( totals 6 sq ft)

A description of your project will help us cut the appropriate length and width for you.


An additional shipping charge will apply to orders of 10 square feet or more. Please call 800-430-2855 for details.

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