Rawhide Rounds for Drums


Rawhide Rounds for Drums

Use our Cow Rawhide Rounds when you make your own Drums and save time! We cut them for you so you can get started faster! We also offer pre-cut Rawhide Lacing you can use to lace drum heads.

When you order Rawhide for Drums, order it at least 4″ larger so you will have an overlap to accommodate the diameter of your drum frame.

We sell our  Rounds singly, so buy two if you are making a two-sided Drum.

Choose rounds in the following diameters:

  • 15″
  • 17″
  • 19″
  • 22″

You can also buy Rawhide by the Square Foot or Rawhide Whole Hides.

Shop for Drum Frames!  Read our instructions to Make Your Own Hand Drum

Have questions?  Call us 800-430-2855 or email sales@wanderingbull.com.

Watch our video How to Make a Hand Drum!

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