Katsina Corn


Spotted Corn Dancer Kachina

This Corn Dancer Katsina features round spots all over his body.  The artist carved it from wood. The Corn Katsina is a lively dancer. He wears pink spotted outfit, an elaborately painted breechclout and boot style moccasins.  His mask includes a yarn fluff mouth, protruding ears and feathers on his head.  Painted corn ears decorate the back of his head.  His hands are empty.  You will see D-23 written on the bottom of one of his feet.

Katsinas (or Kachinas) are supernatural beings in the Pueblo Indian traditions. The Pueblo tribes create Katsina dolls to give to children. Children use them to learn about the various Katsinas and not to play with.  This Katsina stands about 8″ high.  This figure came from a collection so you will see slight signs of wear.  The paint on the front of the figure has faded somewhat, but remains bright on the back.  One of a Kind!

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