Katsina Snow Maiden


Snow Maiden Nuvak’chin Kachina

This Katsina Snow Maiden or Nuvak’chin represents spirits and the coming winter.  The artist carved it from wood.  She wears winter clothing including a black skirt with red and green stripes, high white moccasins with ties on the sides and a large sash.  Over her shoulders she wears a fabric cape of white with black and red stripes.  Her mask features soft white hair tied in bundles on the sides of her head and a white collar.  The artist painted her face with traditional black eyes and nose.  Black dots appear above her eyes.  Instead of a mouth, she has black warrior marks.

This figure carries a multi-colored stick in her left hand.   The artist mounted her on a wood stand.  You will see ‘Berra Tawahongva’ written on the bottom of her stand and a small sticker that says ‘Snow Woman’.  One of a Kind!

Katsinas (or Kachinas) are supernatural beings in the Pueblo Indian traditions. The Pueblo tribes create Katsina dolls to give to children. Children use them to learn about the various Katsinas and not to play with.  This Katsina stands about 7.5 inches high including the stand.  The stick in her hand is not fastened and will come out.  This figure came from a collection so you will see slight signs of dust and wear.   One of a Kind!

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