Antique Beaded & Quilled Possibles Bag


Antique Beaded & Quilled Possibles Bag

Possibles Bags are used for decorative storage.  This Antique Possibles Bag features both beaded sections and quillwork. The crafter used Braintanned Buffalo Hide and real Sinew to create this Bag.  He or she added Beadwork strips on both sides and the top using Arapaho Green, Greasy Yellow, Cobalt Blue, White and White Center Red Seed Beads. Twelve rows of Quillwork in Red and Green interspersed with Red Fluff Feathers decorates the front.  Along the sides and top you will also find Antiqued Tin Cone Drops with Red Horsehair.  It comes with a tag that says Sioux near White River S Dak.

This Bag came from a collection.  Part of the top flap has deteriorated and sections of the beadwork are missing.  Some of the fluff feathers are broken or missing. You will see staining and discoloration on the leather.  It is in delicate condition.

It measures 24″ wide across the top and 18″ wide at the bottom.  It measures about 18″ from top to bottom. One of a Kind!

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