Gorget Aluminum


Aluminum Gorget with Etched Squirrel Design

This  Gorget Aluminum features and etched Squirrel on the front.  The crafter used hammered aluminum to make the gorget.  He etched the squirrel design and the words ‘WAKPOMINEE LODGE #48″ on the front.  He added etched stars and a zigzag design around the edge. Two hammered aluminum arrowheads are fastened to the top.  The crafter attached a length of 0.5 inch wide navy blue and gold metallic ribbon for a tie.  This piece has a rolled edge.  On the back you will see an aluminum disc with the maker’s mark and 1995 etched on it.  Another maker’s mark appears on the left side of the back.  One of a Kind!

Metal Gorgets were originally worn by European military officers in the 18th century. In North America, Europeans gave gorgets to Native American leaders as trade goods. Over time, Metal Gorgets became prized trade items and part of Native American Regalia in the Eastern United States.

This Gorget Aluminum came from a collection.  A previous owner wore it.  You will see signs of wear and light scratches.   The piece measures about 5 inches across and 3.5 inches wide at the widest point.    The ribbon attached to it is about 12 inches long.  You will find it lightweight to wear.  One of a Kind!

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