Gorget – Embossed


Embossed Metal Gorgets

Our Embossed Gorgets measure 6.5″ x 6″ and have rolled edges and holes for a suspension cord. These Embossed Gorgets come from India. They are lightweight and will not add an additional burden to your neck or shoulders.

Metal Gorgets were originally worn by European military officers in the 18th century. In North America, Europeans gave gorgets to Native American leaders as trade goods. Over time, Metal Gorgets became prized trade items and part of Native American Regalia in the Eastern United States. Our Embossed Gorgets are very appropriate for French and Indian War period regalia.

Choose from 2 styles:

  • Brass Gorget embossed with a Royal Crown Seal
  • Silver plated Gorget features a Royal Crest with lions

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