Kachina Fragments Antique


Antique Painted Katsina Fragments

The discerning collector will appreciate these painted Kachina Fragments Antique.  This lot comes with two wood pieces that originally perched on top of a carved katsina figure.  The crafter painted the pieces of wood with black, red, white and yellow paint.  He or she created both geometric and anthropomorphic designs on both sides of the pieces.  Some of the edges show paint as well.  The holes where they attached to their original figures are still visible.

Katsinas (or Kachinas) are supernatural beings in the Pueblo Indian traditions. The Pueblo tribes create Katsina dolls to give to children. Children use them to learn about the various Katsinas and not to play with.

The larger piece of the Kachina Fragments Antique measures 6 inches x  2.75 inches x 3/8 inch thick.  The smaller piece measures nearly 3 inches x 1.5 inches x 3/8 inch thick.  Both of them show missing paint and signs of wear.  We are selling these pieces as collectible items only.  One of a Kind!

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