Basket Ash Harvest


Large Antique Ash Harvest Basket with Red Splints

Add this antique Basket Ash Harvest will stand out in your collection! The basket maker used narrow natural Ash splints interspersed with Red splints. He or she added a reinforcing rim of ash wood to the rim.   The red splints have faded on the inside and outside.  You can see more of the original colors on the outside.  The basket maker made the bottom of the basket square, and created a round top with the reinforcing wood rim.

We got the basket from a collection.  It was likely originally used to harvest produce.  You will see  cracks in the splints, mostly on the bottom.  There are also stains and signs of wear. Structurally it is in  good condition.  The basket stands about 10.5 inches tall.  The top diameter measures approximately 18 inches.  The bottom measures about 15 inches across.   Due to its age, we recommend using this basket for display one. One of a Kind!

Basket Making

Native American tribes in the Northeast make baskets out of many materials including birch bark, split wood of ash trees and sweetgrass, the strongest being those made from the wood of brown or black ash trees, known as basket trees. Native American ash baskets are a type of traditional basket. Various Native American tribes use ash tree splints as the primary weaving material. These baskets are known for their strength, flexibility, and intricate weaving techniques. Ash baskets play a significant part in Native American culture. People use them for various purposes, including carrying and storing food, gathering materials, and as trade items.

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