Powder Horn with Round End


Round End Powder Horn

Add a strap to this Powder Horn with Round End to use it as an accessory or add it to your collection.  The crafter made it from a natural cow horn.  He added notches to the flange at the narrow end.  At the wide end, the crafter nailed in a rounded wood piece.   This piece has a nice twist to it that adds to its appeal.  There is no stopper for the narrow end.  One of a Kind!

Powder horns are containers that hold gunpowder. Historically, soldiers made Powder Horns from cows, oxen or buffalo horns. Natural horn has the advantage of being waterproof and already hollow inside. Stoppers of wood or bone or horn were placed at each end of the horn. A soldier filled the horn with gunpowder at the large end, and dispensed powder from the smaller end.
Soldiers sometimes decorated their Powder Horns with carvings or inlays. They usually carried them with a long strap over their shoulder.

This Powder Horn with Round End measures about 9 inches long.  The base measures 2 inches x 2.5 inches.  You will see a couple of small holes in the horn near the base end.  One of a Kind!

The Wandering Bull offers Powder Horns as collectible items. Living History Re-enactors also use Powder Horns as part of their kit. You can choose from our standard stock Powder Horn or one of the One of a Kind horns that we acquire from other collectors.

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