Club Ball Black 19″


19 Inch Long Black Ball Club

This Club Ball Black 19″ will make an ideal accessory for your next event!  The crafter made this Ball Club with a straight handle.  He carved the top ball with a raised ‘holder’ section.  At the bottom he drilled a hole for a strap or hanging loop. He painted it black and added a coat of polyurethane which gives it a little shine.  One of a Kind!

A Native American wood ball club, also known as a “war club,” is a traditional weapon used by various Indigenous cultures in North America. They designed their clubs for combat and hunting. Native crafters make them from a single piece of hardwood, such as oak, hickory, or maple. They are designed to be sturdy and effective in close combat. The club usually has a handle or grip at one end and a striking head at the other. The striking head often features a rounded or spherical shape, which is where the term “ball club” comes from. Crafters sometimes decorate the clubs with etched or carved designs. They may create inlaid decorations with beads, shell or metal. Often they paint or stain their clubs in one or more colors.

Native Americans used Wood ball clubs before the arrival of European settlers. They adapted their clubs for use in intertribal conflicts and battles against European colonizers during times of conflict.
This Club Ball Black 19″ will make a great accessory for your next event or an attractive addition to your collection.  It measure 19 inches long with a 10.5 inch circumference ball end. One of a Kind!

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