Cedar Flute Turtle Effigy


Turtle Effigy Cedar Wood Flute

Navajo Flute Maker Jonah Thompson fashions our Cedar Flute Turtle Effigy by hand. Each Flute comes with a printed booklet that discusses the significance of the Native American Flute. You will also learn how to play and care for your Cedar Flute. The booklet includes diagrammed music for short musical pieces you can learn to play.

Cedar Flutes represent a beautiful combination of form and function. You will find it a pleasure to hold and play.  Cedar Flutes are very lightweight, and require minimal effort to make a pleasing sound.

These Cedar Flutes measure 20.5″ long.  Colors may vary from the photo.

Native American Flutes are based on the pentatonic scale (5 note scale). Our Cedar Flutes are F Sharp.

Need a Flute Bag?  Try our 24″ soft Deerskin Leather Flute Bag!

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Read the Denver Art Museum leaflet Indian Musical and Noise-Making Instruments

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