Totem Pole 7.5 Inch


Hand Carved Wood Totem Pole 7.5 Inch

Add this delightful small Totem Pole to your collection!  The artist carved it from one piece of wood.  He or she attached the wings to the back with a nail and glued the feather designs to the top .  This Totem Pole features two birds, possibly an eagle and a raven.  The artist painted them with Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Black paint and covered them with a light coat of polyurethane.   Then he or she mounted the pole on a natural wood base.  The Totem Pole stands about 6.5″ tall on its 1″ tall base for an overall height of 7.5″.  The wing span measures about 5″ across.  We got this miniature Totem Pole from a collection.  You will find it in very good condition, with a bit of dust.  One of a Kind!

A totem pole is a traditional Native American and First Nations monument or sculpture carved from large trees.  Artists from the Pacific Northwest of North America typically use cedar wood to create these impressive sculptures.  They carve various symbols and figures on them.  These symbols and figures can represent animals, birds, supernatural beings, ancestral spirits, or mythological creatures.  You will usually find these figures stacked on top of each other.

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