Mask Mosquito


Northwest Coast Style Mosquito Mask

Add this hand carved Northwest Coast Style Mask Mosquito to your collection!  The artist carved it from a single piece of wood.  It features a large mouth and a curled probiscis or nose. The artist covered the open eye holes with transparent plexiglass.   Then he or she painted the face with Black, Yellow, White and Red Paint.  Four holes around the top hold Yellow painted dowels.  The dowels measure about 10.5″ long.   The back of this mask is rough.  You will see four protruding screws that you can use to hang the mask for display.  There are also several smaller holes around the edge of the mask where a wool hood was once attached.  The mask measures 11″ tall by about 7.5″ wide and extends about 10″ from front to back.  One of a Kind!

Native American masks are ceremonial or artistic objects used by various indigenous tribes in North America. These masks hold cultural, spiritual, and symbolic significance within their respective tribes.  Artists make these masks from various materials such as wood, leather, feathers, beads, shells, and other natural elements.

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