Rattle Horn Handmade


Rattle Horn Handmade

These Handmade Horn Rattles come from an Iroquois artisan.   They feature real Horn tops and handmade wood handles.  The artisan stains the handles but leaves the wood ends of the Rattle natural.

Traditionally, Native Americans use Horn Rattles to produce the rhythm for song and dance. The Horn Rattle can also sometimes accompany the Water Drum.   You can strike a Horn Rattle against the palm of the hand, or shake it.  Native Americans did not use cow horn to make Rattles until after European contact. Prior to the introduction of cows, Natives of the Northeast had to use Bark, Gourd and Turtle Shell to make Rattles.

We offer three sizes:

  • Small Approx 6″ long
  • Medium Approx 9″ long
  • Large Approx 11″ long

These Rattles are individually made, so the stain colors and Deerskin Lacing colors will vary.  Please let us choose.  The Rattle size varies according to the length of the handle.

We have limited quantities of Large Rattles with designs on the handles.  Please let us choose for you.

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