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Rogan Birchbark with Cover

Add this beautiful Birchbark Rogan with Cover to your collection! The artist etched the botanical design on the back of the Birchbark while it was still green.  As it dried, the image darkened.  The artist used spruce root to hold it together.  He or she added an inside rim of Birchbark to the top opening.  A piece of Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lacing serves as a carrying handle.  The cover is attached with a piece of dark brown Deerskin Leather Lacing.

This Rogan stands 8.5″ tall.  The bottom measures 11.5″ x 7.5″.  The cover measures 9.5″ x 8.5″.

We got this Rogan from a collection. You will see some marks on it.  The cover and inner rim are not securely attached.  It will make a lovely display piece!

One of a Kind!

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Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet Birchbark and the Indian!

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