Wall Hanging Southwest Rug


Handwoven Rug Wall Hanging

Display this unique handwoven Wall Hanging Southwest Rug in your home!  The weaver wove a wool ‘mini’ rug on a set of small rods.  The design features a log building with smoke coming out of the chimney at the top.  Along the sides, the weaver created a geometric design in black and red.  When you hang this weaving, the top parts will stretch so you can see the weaver left it unfinished.   You can hang it with the attached metal hooks.  One of a Kind!

This Wall Hanging Southwest Rug measures approximately 17 inches x 12 inches with the frames.  The woven part measures 13 inches x 9 inches.  We got this piece from a collection.  It is in very good condition.  We recommend keeping  it out of direct light so the colors do not fade.  One of a Kind!

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