Saddle Blanket Half Size


Saddle Blanket Half Size

This antique half size Saddle Blanket will make a serviceable rug for your home.  You might also hang it on the wall, or use it as a furniture cover for an ottoman or a large chair. It features a checked design in two of the corners. The weave remains intact and the corner ties are still attached.

This Saddle Blanket measures nearly square at approx. 27″ x 26″.  The rug weaver used taupe, black, red, and a heathered gray/brown colors to weave it.  You will see places where the red dye has bled into the other colors.

A previous owner used this Saddle Blanket as a rug. It remains in very good condition.  We think it comes from the 1940s.

One of a Kind!

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