Whimsy Beaded Canoe Shape


Antique Whimsy with ‘Gay Head’ Beaded on it

This charming Whimsy Beaded Canoe Shape will make a unique addition to your collection! The crafter made it with tan fabric in the shape of a canoe. He or she created a three dimensional botanical and geometric designs on both sides using Clear, Pony Trader Blue, White, Mustard, Transparent Red, Transparent Amber seed Beads and Pony Beads.  A few Basket Beads remain on one side. Then the crafter outlined three sides of the canoe shape with Clear Pony Beads and beaded the words ‘Gay Head’ on each side.  At one end, the crafter attached a strand of multi-colored Seed and Pony Beads.   A tag attached to this strand says “Beadwork, old, by the Indians on Gay Head Martha’s Vineyard”.   The crafter lined the inside with a different tan colored fabric.

One end of this canoe shape is open while the other remains stitched closed.  You will see some discoloration on the fabric.  There are several spots where beads and some sequins have fallen off.  The canoe measures about 12 inches long  x 3.25 inches at the widest points.  The bead strand measures about 14 inches long.  One of a Kind!

This antique Whimsy Beaded Canoe Shape resembles classic Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs made by Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States.  Native American beaded whimsies refer to small decorative items or trinkets that  Native American artisans hand craft using intricate beadwork techniques. These ‘whimsical’ creations often come in practical shapes and styles like pincushions, match holders, picture frames, needle cases, bags and small decorative cushions.  One of a Kind!

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