Comb Turtle Shell


Burnished Turtle Shell Comb

Add this burnished Comb Turtle Shell to your collection today.  The crafter used thick natural shell to create this three tooth comb.  He or she did a simply etched line design at the top.  Then the crafter drilled a 1/8 diameter hole at the end.  You can use this hole to string a hanging lace from it.  Finally, the crafter burnished the front and the spaces between the teeth of this comb.  One of a Kind!

Historically, some Native American artists created items like this using materials like wood, bone, or other natural resources.  Turtle shells, with their distinctive patterns, have inspired artistic expressions, including the creation of combs.  Crafters have used them historically to make various products, including crafting combs.   This comb came from a collection.  We do not believe it has been used.  The coloration is due to the burnishing process.  You will find it a unique addition to your own collection.  It measures just about 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.  One of a Kind!

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