Comb Carved Bear


Resin Comb with Carved Bear

This charming resin Comb Carved Bear will make a nice addition to your collection.  The crafter softened and carved plastic resin to create this five tooth comb.  He or she shaped the image of  a bear at the top of the comb.  One of a Kind!

Historically, some Native American artists created items like this using materials like wood, bone, turtle shells or other natural resources.  This comb came from a collection.  We do not believe it has been used.  You will see some discoloration on the back.  Someone added some pink ink to the eyes of the bear.  You will find it a unique addition to your own collection or to use yourself.  It will make a fine gift for someone who collects bears.

The Comb Carved Bear measures just about 5.25 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.  One of a Kind!

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