Carving Soapstone Snapping Turtle


Brown Soapstone Snapping Turtle Carving

This Carving Soapstone Snapping Turtle is ready to hang out on your desk or shelf! We acquired this carving from a collection so we do not know much about it. The artist used a variegated brown colored soapstone for this very detailed carving. The carver paid good attention to the shell, skin and face, which are very well done.  The top looks like it may have a light coat of polyurethane on it.  You will see “S. J. General”  carved into the bottom.  One of a Kind!

The carving measures about 5.5 inches long and stands about 1 inch high.  It belonged to a previous owner, but remains in very good condition.  You will see very slight chips on the face, tail and the edge of the shell.  One of a Kind!

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