Cuffs Beaded Blue with White Deerskin


Large Beaded Blue Cuffs

These Cuffs Beaded Blue with White Deerskin will add bright color to your dance clothes!  The crafter beaded the panels on canvas and attached them to White Deerskin Leather.  He beaded the bold geometric design with Dark Red, White, Yellow, Orange and Navy Blue Seed Beads on a Blue background.  He used lazy stitch to create the striped designs around the edges.  The crafter added 12 inch long White  Deerskin Leather fringe to one side of each cuff.   On the back there is a panel of White Deerskin Leather which you will see is heavily worn.  One of a Kind!

These Cuffs Beaded Blue with White Deerskin measure 9.25 inches long.  The width varies from 6.5 inches to 5.5 inches.  We got these cuffs from a collection. A previous owner wore them.  You will see obvious wear and a little bit of staining on the beadwork.  The beadwork is intact.  One of a Kind!

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