Breastplate with Conch Shell


Plains Style Breastplate with Conch Shell and Quill Wrapped Drops

This Breastplate with Conch Shell was made in the Plains style.  The craftsman used 4 inch Bone Hairpipe to make it. Saddle colored Strap Leather Breastplate Strips divide the two sections.  He added 4 inch long narrow Deerskin Leather fringe which he painted green to the sides.  On the front you will see a 1.5 inch diameter Conch Shell concho.  An 11 inch long Deerskin Leather drop falls from the center of the concho.  The crafter wrapped part of this with Green and Red Porcupine Quills. He strung part of the tie at the top with round brass beads.  One of a Kind!

The Comanche Indians are considered the originators of the Hairpipe Breastplate. They first created Breastplates in the mid 19th century. Other tribes of the Great Plains adopted this accessory as well.  The term “Hairpipe” describes the long, slim, hollow beads made from animal bone that we use to make Breastplates.

We got this piece from a collection.  You will see signs of wear.  Some of the Hairpipe have cracked or have holes and some of the green paint has come off the fringe.  There is a split near the bottom of the center breastplate strip.  This Breastplate with Conch Shell measures 19 inches long and 9 inches wide. The ties at the top are about 13 inches long.   We recommend it be for display only.  One of a Kind!

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