Pottery Large with Spout


Large Pouring Bowl with handle

This polychrome Pottery Large with Spout features a pouring spout and a handle.  The potter created it with a buff colored slip.  Then the potter painted geometric designs on the sides in black.  The lower part of the pot is painted with a red slip.  On the inside, the potter painted bird designs in black and red slip.  The potter also painted the edges of the handle and the rim of the pot with black.  The potter signed the bottom but it is very difficult to read because of the scratches on the bottom.  We can make out ‘Arthur E’  and the image of a pot on the bottom.  One of a kind!

This bowl stands about 4.5 inches tall.  It measures about 9 inches across and 11 inches across from the spout to the handle.  The base measures about  4.5 inches in diameter.  We got this pot from a collection.  You will see dust, many scratches on the bottom and a few chips on the outside.

This Pottery Large with Spout will make a unique addition to your collection.  Or use it to store dry,  small items.  One of a Kind!

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