Wedding Vases Red Clay


Wedding Vases Red Clay

Our Red Clay Wedding Vases are made by Native American artists.  They etch traditional designs on them and finish them with traditional colors. You will find the artist’s signature on the bottom of each Vase.  These Vases are made with red clay.  The insides are not glazed, so they will not hold liquids.

Several Native American peoples, especially in the Southwest,  have used Wedding vases as part of a marriage ceremony. On a Wedding Vase, one spout represents the husband, the other the wife. The looped handle represents the unity of marriage.  A special beverage was added to the vase and the couple drank from it.  Wedding Vases make a special gift for a new couple.

Our medium vase measures 8″ tall  x 5.5″ at the widest point. The small vase measures 5.5″ tall  x 4.5″ at the widest point. The colors & designs may vary from vase to vase.

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