World Best Veteran Songs


Music CD  World’s Best Veteran’s Songs

World Best Veteran Songs is part of the terrific Worlds Best series. World Best Veteran Songs features a collection of 12 Veterans Songs from drums such as White Eagle Singers, Northern Wind Singers, Stoney Eagle, Whitefish Bay Singers and Black Lodge Singers.

Drum List:

  1. Veteran Song  –  Whitefish Bay Singers
  2. Veteran Song  –  Black Lodge Singers
  3. Korean War Veteran’s Song  –  Eagle Tail Singers
  4. Veteran Song  –  Grassy Narrows Singer
  5. Veteran Song World War I  –  Red Scaffold
  6. Soldier Boy  –  Stoney Eagle
  7. Veteran Song  –  Chi Geezis Singers
  8. Veteran Song  –  Thunder Mountain Singers
  9. War Mother’s Song  –  White Eagle Singers
  10. Victory Song  –  Pigeon Lake Singers
  11. Veteran Song World War II  –  Willow Creek Singers
  12. Veteran Song  –  Northern Wind Singer

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