World Best Fancy Dance Songs


Music CD World Best Fancy Dance Songs

World Best Fancy Dance Songs includes both Women’s and Men’s Fancy Dance songs. Get those bustles and bells on, find your Fancy Dance Shawl …you’ll be ready to dance after listening to this CD!

Song List:

  1. Woman’s Fancy  –  Eyabay
  2. Mahno Dweh – Gun  –  Chi-Geezis
  3. Woman’s Fancy  –  Northern Wind
  4. Fancy Dance  –  Lone Creek
  5. Woman’s Fancy  –  Circle Strong Singers
  6. Woman’s Fancy  –  Black Lodge Singers
  7. Men’s Fancy  –  Red Sons Singers
  8. Woman’s Fancy  –  Smokey Valley Singers
  9. Woman’s Fancy  –  Drum Circle Singers
  10. Fancy Dance  –  Two Feathers Singers
  11. Fancy Dance  –  Sioux Assiniboine
  12. Fancy Dance  –  Dead Horse Creek
  13. Woman’s Fancy  –  Little Island Creek
  14. Woman’s Fancy  –  Red Scaffold

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