World Best Jingle Dress Songs


Music CD World Best Jingle Dress Songs

World Best Jingle Dress Songs features 12 Native American Jingle Dress Dance tracks. The Jingle Dress Dance dates back to the 1920s when it became an important part of the powwow. It has enjoyed a strong revival!

As part of a contest, the Jingle Dancer is judged on both her dress and the competence of her traditional footwork.

Drum List:

  1. Whitefish Bay
  2. Blacklodge
  3. Eastern Eagle
  4. Whitefish Jr.
  5. Sioux Assiniboine
  6. Hope Lake
  7. Northern Wind
  8. Little Otter
  9. Eagle Tail
  10. Pigeon Lake
  11. Chi-Geezis
  12. White Eagle

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