Pottery Seed Jar Jemez


Signed Jemez Pueblo Pottery Seed Jar

This Seed Jar Jemez Pottery features a bird and floral motif. The artist, C Tose Jemez, has signed the bottom of the piece. This vintage piece comes from a collection which was kept under glass and is in mint condition.

Seed jars were used to store seeds for next years planting and protecting them from rodents and insects. The vase measures 5″ tall and the opening is 0.75″ in diameter. The base is 3.25″ in diameter.

Jemez pottery is a type of Native American pottery made by the Jemez Pueblo, located in New Mexico. The Jemez people have a long history of pottery-making, with evidence of pottery production dating back to at least the 13th century. The pottery produced by the Jemez Pueblo is known for its distinctive red and black designs, which are achieved by using a special firing technique. The pottery is often decorated with intricate patterns and designs, and is highly prized by collectors. Vintage Jemez pottery is sought after by collectors for its beauty and historical significance.

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