Roach Orange 12 inch Vintage


Vintage Orange 12″  Porcupine Roach

Try this Roach Orange 12 inch Vintage on for size, or add it to your collection!  The crafter started with a yarn base.  He tied Red deer hair for the inner row and Orange deer hair for the outer row.  He strung two rows of porcupine hair in between the colors.  The front hair stands  about 5 inches high.   One of a Kind!

Porcupine hair roaches are one type of traditional headwear for Native American Dance Regalia.  You can attach a roach to your head with a small hair braid (or scalplock) pulled though the center hole and fasten with a roach pin, and or use a roach spreader.  This Roach Orange 12 inch Vintage measures approximately 12 inches long and 3 inches wide at the widest point.  We got this roach from a collection.  You will find it in good condition.  One of a Kind!

We also offer 16″ & 18″ Long Porcupine Roaches and Round Eastern Style Roaches

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