Hat Antique Glengarry


Beaded Antique Glengarry Style Hat

This Hat Antique Glengarry is ready to join your beadwork collection.  The crafter decorated this Brown velveteen cap in classic Iroquois style floral designs.  He or she used 8/0 Pony Beads in White, Clear,  Pony Trader Blue, Light Blue, Greasy Yellow, Amber, Transparent Red, and Dark Pink to create the floral designs.  The the crafter added sequins between the flowers.  Lines of White, White Center Red, and Pumpkin Seed Beads outlines the edges of the three velveteen pieces and decorate most of the top.  Red bias tape outlined the edges of this hat.   The crafter lined the inside with brown fabric.

The Glengarry hat is a traditional Scottish cap that Scottish military regiments wore. The name comes from the Glengarry region in Scotland.  Traders imported hats like these for exchange with Native Americans during the 19th century. Iroquois and Wabanaki crafters decorated them with Beadwork and Ribbons to make colorful accessories.  This Antique Glengarry Cap measures about 10.5″ long  and about 5″ wide at the top.  You will see bead loss in the main designs and the Seed Bead lines.  Most of the bias tape edging has deteriorated.  We are selling it as a collectible. One of a Kind!

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