Beaded Panel Iroquois Style


Beaded Iroquois Style Fabric Panel

Add this exquisite Beaded Panel Iroquois Style to your collection today!  The crafter created a beaded frame with Transparent Seed Beads and Basket Beads on red fabric.  A pale green-gray fabric appears in the circles at each corner of the piece.  Around the edges, the crafter attached beaded loops with Transparent Seed Beads and Basket Beads.  The crafter backed the piece with an off white fabric.

This item is reminiscent of the Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs made by Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States.  Native American beaded whimsies refer to small decorative items or trinkets that  Native American artisans hand craft using intricate beadwork techniques. These ‘whimsical’ creations often come in practical shapes and styles like pincushions, match holders, picture frames, needle cases, bags and small decorative cushions.  One of a Kind!

You will find this Beaded Panel Iroquois Style in good condition for its age.  About one third of the beaded loops on the side have come off and you will see deterioration of the fabric along the edges.  The beadwork on the front is intact.  This piece measures 11.5 inches x 12 inches.  One of a Kind!

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