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Antique Beaded Cuff Panel

This gorgeous Beaded panel may have originally been the cuff to a shirt.  The crafter beaded it on brown velveteen fabric.  He or she used Pumpkin, Clear, Transparent Green, Transparent Red, Turquoise and White Seed Beads to create the floral design.  Two rows of edge beading in White Seed Beads outline the piece.  Some of the original sequins are still attached.   The crafter backed it with red fabric.  At some point, someone added a red silk ribbon to the top so the piece could be hung for display.

This beaded panel measures about 7.5″ x 4.25″.  You will see significant bead loss, especially around the edges.  Several of the sequins have come off and there are tears on the back lining. Add this unique piece of beadwork to your collection!  One of a Kind!

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