Moccasins Moosehide Cree Style


Cree Style Braintanned Moosehide Moccasins

These Moccasins Moosehide Cree Style feature a bright geometric design on the vamps. The crafter made them with heavy braintanned Moose hide Leather in a classic Cree Native American style. On the vamp, the crafter beaded a geometric design with Transparent Blue, Turquoise and Transparent Red Seed Beads.  Then the crafter created a fringed cuff with Moosehide leather lacing for ties. He or she attached Rawhide soles to the bottom.  These moccasins do not have a lining.  One of a Kind!

This pair of moccasins came from a collection. They show wear especially on the soles.  The beadwork is intact. You will see marks on the leather where insects have caused some damage.  They are in wearable condition. These Moccasins Moosehide Cree Style measure about 11.25 inches long x  about 4 inches wide at the widest point.  They stand about 3 inches tall at the cuff.  One of a Kind!

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