Quilled Antique Bag


Antique Braintanned Leather Bag with Quillwork and Beadwork

This collectible Quilled Antique Bag is a fantastic find!  The crafter used Braintanned Deerskin Leather to make the bag.  He or she covered the bottom of the bag with Porcupine Quillwork in Red, Green and Orange quills.  Then the crafter attached 11 strips covered with more quills in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.  The crafter attached these strips together at the bottom with a single Dark Blue Seed Bead between each one.

Along the sides of the bag, the crafter added Lazy Stitch beadwork in Turquoise, Dark Blue and White Center Red Seed Beads.  More Dark Blue Seed Beads appear along one edge of the Quillwork.  At the top of the bag, you will see edge beading in White Center Red and Turquoise Seed Beads along with the remains of mostly missing quillwork.  At the very bottom you will see the remains of Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lacing fringe or drops.

Native Americans use Quillwork to adorn a wide range of items, including moccasins, leggings, and dresses, as well as personal accessories like bags, pouches, and jewelry.  Historically, quillwork was primarily practiced by women, who gathered the quills and prepare them for use. They cleaned, softened, and dyed the quills using natural materials such as berries or roots.  This Quilled Antique Bag itself measures 5″ x 2″.  The quilled strips are 1.75″ long and the remaining fringe is about 3″ long.  Overall the bag measures about 7″ long.

This Bag is very fragile due to its age.  You will see some quills and beads are missing, as well as most of the bottom fringe.  We are selling it in a Ryker mount to help protect it.  One of a Kind!

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