Leggins Seneca Style Set


Seneca Style Leggins and Apron Set

This Leggins Seneca Style Set comes with a complementary beaded Apron Set.  The crafter made the leggins with a black felt like fabric.  He added a red felt like fabric and green ribbon to the front.  Then he added edge beading to each strip.  At the bottom of each leg, he created intricate beaded designs with White Seed Beads.  Black bias tape lines the bottom of each leg.  Two strips of fabric at the top serve as ties.  The crafter attached them to the leggins with circular beadwork that looks like buttons.  Inside you will find the remains of snaps that a previous owner used to attach the leggins to a belt.

The crafter made the apron set with a corduroy fabric.  He added green and red ribbon strips to the bottom with edge beading around both sides.  A zigzag design in White Seed Beads appears between each ribbon.  Braintanned Deerskin strips serve as ties for the aprons.  They measure 15 inches long and 16 inches wide.

The leggins measure 27 inches long overall.  The width varies from 11 inches at the top to 8.25 inches wide at the bottom.  A previous owner wore these leggins.    You will see signs of wear, small tears and small holes in the wool.  The beadwork remains intact.  They are in good, wearable condition.    One of a Kind!

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