Roach – Round Turkey Beard Eastern Style


Turkey Beard Eastern Style Roach

Master Craftsman Andy Bullock creates Turkey Beard Eastern Style Roaches for us.  He starts with a hand braided round yarn base. Instead of Porcupine Hair, he uses Turkey Beard hair to make the inner row of the roach and Dark Red Deer Hair for the outer row.

Round Eastern Style Roaches are one type of traditional headwear for Native American Dance Regalia and historical re-enactments.  Attach a Round Eastern Style Roach to your head with a small hair braid (or scalplock) pulled though the center hole and  fastened with a roach pin.  Porcupine hair roaches can vary in size and shape, with some being relatively short and compact, while others are longer and fuller.  Crafters can customize the design of the roach to reflect the individual wearer’s preferences or tribal traditions.  They arrange the dyed hair in rows or sections, to create a vibrant and eye-catching display.

We offer Turkey Beard Roaches as they are available. Quantities are limited!  They measures approximately 8″ tall on a 2.50″ base.

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Want to learn how to make your own Porcupine Roach?  Read our Porcupine Roach Instructions! Or watch our YouTube Video How to Make a Porcupine Roach

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