Pipe Bag Braintanned Deerskin and Wool

Pipe Bag Braintanned Deerskin and Wool

Pipe Bag Braintanned Deerskin and Wool

Feast your eyes on this one of a kind Pipe Bag!  Master Craftsman Andy Bullock created this Pipe Bag with Braintanned Deerskin Leather and Navy Blue Wool.  Braintanned Deerskin Leather makes up the bottom half of this Pipe Bag.  Andy used lazy stitch to add geometric designs in classic old color 8/0 Pony Beads: Pony Trader Blue, Clear Cobalt Blue, Greasy Yellow and White Center Red.  He added two drops of Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lacing strung with aged Tin Cones.  On the bottom he added a panel of Braintanned Deerskin Leather cut into 6″ long fringe.

Andy made the top half of the Pipe Bag with Navy Blue Wool.  He continued the side beadwork on this section.  At the top he created 1.5″ long fringe with the selvage edge with a striped design.  Andy finished this Pipe Bag with a round of lazy stitch edge beading in Greasy Yellow and White Center Red 8/0 Pony Beads.

Overall this Pipe Bag measure 23″ long.  The bag part measures approximately 17″ long x  5.5″ wide.

One of a Kind!

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Read about George Catlin and Native American Pipes

George Catlin and Native American Smoking Pipes

George Catlin and Native American Smoking Pipes

George Catlin and Native American Smoking Pipes

George Catlin was born in 1796. He taught himself how to paint and became an accomplished artist. In his early years, he painted portraits and created lithographs of sites in New York. Following his first trip into Native American territory in 1830 he became one of the first people to document Native American smoking pipes and their uses.  He provided commentary on the varieties of pipes and the specific decorations associated with various tribes. Continue reading George Catlin and Native American Smoking Pipes

Leather Accessories Bags

Leather Accessories Bags 2021

Leather Accessories Bags

We make our Leather Accessories Bags here at the shop. We use soft Deerskin Leather and Deerskin Leather Lacing.  These Bags have drawstring tops. We embellish them with fringe and assorted Glass Crow Beads.

We make each Bag by hand, so allow for color and size variation.  Because we make them as needed, there may be a delay in shipping your order.

Choose the Bag you need to hold your Sage, Smoking Blend, Herbs or Pipe. We offer three sizes:

  • Large Pipe Bag Approx. 18″ long
  • Personal Pipe Bag Approx. 11″ long
  • Botanicals Bag Approx. 7″ long

All Accessories Bags measurements are exclusive of the fringe.

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Tobacco Bag with Reproduction Beads


Braintanned Deerskin Leather Fringed Tobacco Bag

Store your pipe supplies in this one of a kind Tobacco Bag or add it to your beadwork collection!  Master Craftsman Andy Bullock created this Tobacco Bag with Braintanned Deerskin Leather.   Andy used lazy stitch to add geometric designs in re-used old color Seed Beads:  Clear Cobalt Blue, Greasy Yellow, White and White Center Red.  He added edge beading to the bag in the same colors. On the bottom of the bag he strung rows of Clear Dark Red, Greasy Yellow and Light Blue Pony Beads.  Below this he added a panel of Braintanned Deerskin Leather cut into 2″ long fringe.  Andy strung a variety of old Trade Beads on the Braintanned Deerskin Leather lacing strap.

Overall this Tobacco Bag measures 8.25″ long.  The bag part measures approximately 5″ long x  2.5″ wide. The strap is about 17″ long.   One of a Kind!

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Czech Tile Beads

Czech Tile Beads

You will find Czech Tile Beads ideal for making necklaces and chokers. Their straight sides complement the Bone Hairpipe and Round Metal Beads that you would use to make Hairpipe Chokers and Bracelets.  You will find them easy to work with because the holes are large enough to accommodate thin Deerskin Leather Lacing.  They also string well on Round Leather Lacing and Imitation Sinew. These are the original Czech Republic Tile beads and they are increasingly difficult to find.

Uniform size and shape add to the appeal of these beads. Not all colors are available at all times.

We package these beads in bags of approximately 100.

Additionally, we offer India Tile Beads.  While you will find some different colors in these beads they are not as uniformly sized and show color variation.

India Tile Beads – Pink & Light Purple 50% Off!

India Tile Beads

Glass India Tile Beads

Compared to Czech Tile Beads, some India Tile Beads are less uniform in shape and color. They tend to have thicker sides and narrower holes.  Imitation Sinew will easily go through the holes.  They make nice additions to Bone Hairpipe Chokers and Necklaces.  You will find them a perfect economical Glass Bead for your projects.

Standard Beads measure approximately 6 mm long x 5mm wide with a 2mm hole.

We now offer 10 colors of Larger Tile Beads that measure between 8mm – 9mm long.  Their width is 6mm – 7mm. Hole diameters vary between 2mm – 3mm.

We offer these beads in 1 ounce bags with approx. 75-80 beads. You can also buy them in 1/2 kilo packages with over 1000 beads.

Pink & Light Purple are smaller India Tile Beads. They are just a smidgen shorter in length and width (5 mm rather than 6 mm) but the hole is much smaller. You will only get Thread or a single ply Imitation Sinew through it.

Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

Beaded Leggin – Single

Beaded Leggin - Single

Beaded Leggin – Single

This Single Beaded Leggin features a Lazy Stitch geometric design on Smoke colored Leather with a cotton fabric top.  The crafter created this Leggin around 1970.  He used White, Red, Dark Red, Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange and an iridescent Amber Seed Beads to create the design.  He cut 1″ long fringe on one side.

There is only one of these Leggins and it was exposed to a heavy dust that has discolored both the Beads and the Leather on half of it.   Besides the discoloration, there are a few spots where the Beads have come loose. You could use it for the basis for a beaded Pipe Bag or other accessory.

It measures 22″ long overall.  The leather measures 13″ long and 6″ wide at the bottom cuff.  The beadwork section measures 14″ x 6.5″ (some of it is covered by the flap).  One of a Kind!

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Splendid Heritage

Splendid Heritage

Perspectives on American Indian Art

Ed. by John and Marva Warnock. 223 pgs. Softcover.

This exhibition catalog is filled with enticing photographs of clothing, tools, bags, pipes and more. Most of the items date from the 18th and 19th centuries and come from the Eastern, Plains and Plateau areas of the United States.

Three essays discuss the cultural context of the items.

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Ornament – Spirit Bells

Ornament - Spirit Bells

Ornament – Spirit Bells

Exclusive Wandering Bull Spirit Bells will make a perfect decoration for your home, car or clothing!  We make our Spirit Bells Ornaments with Bone Hairpipe, Abalone discs and Brass Hawk Bells. Add a Native American touch to your home or holiday tree!

We make our Spirit Bells Ornaments right here in the shop. You will not find these decorations anywhere else!

Spirit Bells Ornaments make a great decoration for Bags or Keychains, too! Hang one in your window or from your car mirror!

Spirit Bells Ornaments measure approx. 3.5″ long.

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Wampum Tubes

Wampum Tubes

Wampum Tubes

The most commonly used Wampum Beads, you can use these Wampum Tubes for jewelry. You can also weave them into traditional or contemporary Wampum Belts or as highlights on bags and other accessories.

Quantity Discounts available when you buy 10 or more of one size.

We offer the following sizes:

  • 7 mm x 6 mm
  • 10 mm x 3 mm
  • 10 mm x 4 mm
  • 10 mm x 5 mm
  • 10 mm x 6 mm
  • 14 mm x 4 mm
  • 18 mm x 4 mm

We proudly offer real Quahog Wampum Tubes, Hairpipe, Beads and Findings for your most traditional jewelry and regalia. These real Quahog Wampum Shell beads and pendants will vary in color striations – each bead is a miniature work of art! Beads are measured in millimeters (length x diameter). These are exceptional pieces for the most particular craftspeople. Please note prices are PER PIECE.

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Trade Beads African Bauxite Strands

Trade Beads African Bauxite Strands

Strand of Oval Striped 16mm Trade Beads

These two Strands of African Bauxite Trade Beads belong in any bead fan’s collection! One strand measures 26″ long and the other is 18″ long. Bauxite is a sedimentary rock and the world’s foremost source of aluminum. Similar in color to Catlinite, bauxite is also known as “African pipestone.” Bauxite beads are handmade, therefore each one is unique!

Bauxite beads are typically made by grinding and shaping bauxite into small beads or discs. They can have a range of colors, from light tan to dark brown, and often have a natural, earthy appearance. Bauxite beads are popular in jewelry making and beadwork due to their unique texture and color.

One of the advantages of bauxite beads is their durability. Bauxite is a hard, durable mineral that resists wear and tear, making it ideal for use in jewelry and crafts. Bauxite beads are also lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear.

In addition to their use in jewelry making, bauxite beads are also used in other creative projects such as home decor, fashion accessories, and even as components in musical instruments. They can be strung together to create necklaces and bracelets, or used to embellish clothing or bags. Bauxite beads can also be combined with other materials such as glass or metal to create unique and interesting jewelry designs.

History of Trade Beads

From the 15th to the 20th century, traders carried European glass beads across the world. The beads were highly desired by Native Americans, as glass was then an unknown substance in North American. European glass beads, mostly from Venice, became popular and sought after by Native Americans. Europeans realized early on that beads were important to Native Americans and corporations such as the Hudson Bay Trading Company developed lucrative bead-trading markets with them. The Hudson Bay Trading Company was an organized group of explorers who operated during the 19th century. They ventured into the North American continent for trade expeditions.

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Read about the History of Native American Trade Beads

Lazy Stitch Beading Instructions

Lazy Stitch

Lazy Stitch Beading Instructions

About Lazy Stitch:

Native Americans of the Plains commonly use Lazy Stitch to create beaded designs on clothing and accessories. Instead of creating a Loomwork Strip that you later attach to the item, with Lazy Stitch you sew the beads directly to the fabric or leather.   The design should be drawn to actual finished scale on a piece of paper then traced onto the work surface. Designs that are going to appear on opposite sides of an item should be reversed for a mirrored effect. For example, on a vest, the design should appear as a mirror image on each side.

You can also bead directly onto a leather strip which you can later attach to your item. This technique allows for the creation of beaded designs that you can add to Blankets or Buffalo Robes, Leggings, Leather Shirts, Pipe Bags and other bags, and Wrist Cuffs.


Getting Started:

Continue reading Lazy Stitch Beading Instructions

Plastic Tubes

Plastic Tubes

Plastic Tubes

You will find these Plastic Tubes uniformly sized and lightweight.  Use them for craft projects and jewelry.  The economical price makes them ideal for group projects and children’s crafts.

We sell these Tubes in 2 sizes:  0.5″ and 1″  long in bags of 100 pieces.

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