Pipe Soapstone Bird Effigy


Handmade Soapstone Bird Effigy Platform Pipe

This Pipe Soapstone Bird Effigy comes in a shape called a Platform Pipe. The artist created this reproduction pipe based on historical examples. He made the entire pipe from soapstone.  The stem features a beveled bottom.  The carved bird effigy comes complete with etched feathers, feet, and a beak.  The artist inserted white Seed Beads for the eyes. The Pipe measures just about 6 inches long overall and about 0.75 inches high.  The bowl stands 2.25 inches tall from the bottom of the bevel.   The Bird carving measures 4  inches long x 1.5 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide.  The bowl is in the center of the bird’s back.   One of a Kind!

Native American tribes of the Eastern Woodlands first created platform pipes.  They often embellish them with animal effigies.  Crafters use soapstone, catlinite (pipestone) and claystone to make pipes like these.  Sometimes platform style pipes come with a separate wood stem.   Native American crafters have made and used soapstone pipes for centuries. Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock that is relatively soft and easy to carve. Native American crafters value it for its workability and heat-retaining properties, making it suitable for crafting pipes.

This Pipe Soapstone Bird Effigy is a functional pipe.  It is heavy and fragile, so we recommend keeping it for display.  One of a Kind!

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