Seed Beads

Czechoslovakian Seed Beads

Czechoslovakian seed beads are the finest, most uniform sized beads and are ideal for Native American beadwork and crafts. The Wandering Bull offers a great selection of seed beads in a variety of sizes and colors. We sell our seed beads by the hank.  A hank is a series of strings of beads with a total length of 240 inches or an equivalent weight.

Size 10/0 is the largest seed bead, while 13/0 is the smallest size in our regular stock.  Customers can purchase our seed beads in a full range of colors. Please note, 14/0 and 18/0 sizes are available in limited colors, and premium colors are priced accordingly.

The Wandering Bull offers everything you need to start beading!  You can buy Thread, Needles, Beeswax, Needle Threaders, Warp Thread in two colors,  Beading Thread in two colors and Bead Looms.   The Wandering Bull offers customers a large selection of beading book from how to to design.

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Showing 1–12 of 100 results