Reproduction Bovis Seed Beads


Bovis Seed Beads Reproduction Colors

These Reproduction Bovis Seed Beads have been made to match those old colors which are no longer available. The factory that manufactured these beads closed many years ago.  Therefore, we have limited quantities of these beads available. Though not all colors are available in all sizes.  These beads will appeal especially to crafters who are working on reproduction beadwork projects.

Our Pony Trader Blue is an Opaque bead, not Translucent as it was traditionally. So this may be significant for reproduction projects.

Choose the Bead size you want, and the available colors will show in the Reproduction Bead Color box.

We sell our Reproduction Seed Beads in 1 ounce bags.  The Wandering Bull, LLC offers everything you need to start beading!  You can buy Thread, Needles, Beeswax, Needle Threaders, Warp Thread,  Beading Thread and Bead Looms.   The Wandering Bull, LLC offers customers a selection of beading books, too.

You can also shop for Reproduction Pony Beads!  Don’t forget Needles!

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