Pony Beads 5/0


5/0 Pony Beads 

Pony Beads 5/0  are larger than Seed Beads, but smaller than Crow Beads.   They get their name from the pony and mule trains that brought these beads to Western North America. Pony Beads were available to the Native Americans of the Plains before the introduction of Seed Beads.

The variety of beads introduced to North America is vast. Small glass beads are often known as Seed Beads. Italy was one of the most prolific manufacturers of these small glass beads. Most of these beads were made using the “drawn” method. A glass blower would blow a bubble in a molten blob of glass. Other workers, often young boys, would grasp the soft glass bubble and pull it into a long thin tube. The air bubble would create the hole going the length of the tube. Some references state that these tubes could be up to 150 feet long.  Craftsmen broke the tube into small pieces after it cooled. Then they reheated the pieces and tumbled them to smooth the edges.  They sorted the finished beads by size.

Pony Beads in size 5/0  are the larger of the Pony Beads.   These Beads measure approx. 5 mm.  You can use Single Ply Imitation Sinew or Beaded Thread with these. You will get approx. 300 beads per ounce.

You can purchase  5/0 Beads in one ounce or 1/2 kilo packages.

If you are looking for a smaller Pony Bead, click here for  8/0 Pony Beads.  Don’t forget Needles!

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