White Center Beads


White Heart Glass Beads

We offer a selection of White Center beads in this section.  White Center Red Beads (also known as White Hearts) are a favorite with crafters doing reproduction work. We also offer a variety of other colors.  The availability of  colors will vary by size.

White Center Blue is available in  11/0 & 8/0.

White Center Cranberry is SOLD OUT.

13/0 is available only  in White Center Orange.

10/0 WC Red is available in one ounce bag.

11/0 WC Red is available in hanks (1.16oz ) and half kilos.

White Center Yellow is available ONLY in 5/0.

White Center Orange is available in 5/0 and 13/0.

Select the size you want in the Filter Bead Sizes and the Color box will show you which colors are available in that size.

We sell our White Center Beads in 1 ounce bags.   Except for 11/0 WC Red are in hanks (1.6 oz)  and 1/2 kilos

You can also shop for Reproduction Seed Beads!

Watch our YouTube Video on White Center Glass Beads

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