Wampum Beads – Clay


Polymer Clay Wampum Beads

Use these Polymer Clay Wampum Beads to replicate traditional Wampum Belts and jewelry.  Some of the beads measure a little less than 0.5 cm in diameter.

Current Stock of Purple is  dark.

Because each Polymer Clay Wampum Bead is handmade, they are unique, like the originals, which gives your project a distinctive look. The variegated coloring is very much like the Quahog and whelk shells from which they were originally made.

Each Polymer Clay Wampum Bead measures about 1 cm long, and 1/2 cm in diameter. These work best with our Imitation Sinew.

You can purchase our Clay Wampum Beads in packages of approximately 25, 100 or 1000.  Please note that we package these beads on a piece scale so the count is an estimate.

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