Czech Charlotte Cuts – 11/0 – Now in FULL Hanks!


Czech 11/0 Charlotte Cuts

11/0 Czech Charlotte Cut Beads are small faceted Seed Beads. Crafters use them for the finest, most detailed craftwork. They come from the Czech Republic. You will appreciate their uniformity.

We also offer 13/0 Czech Charlotte Cut Seed Beads.

Some colors may have limited quantities. As with all beadwork projects, buy all the beads you need for a project at one time to avoid dye lot variations. Premium colors have a higher price.

11/0 Cut Seed Beads come in Regular Hanks.  They have approximately 20 beads per inch.

Shop for Antique Seed Beads!  Don’t forget Needles!

Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

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