Glass Seed Beads 10/0 to 13/0 Half Kilos – Select Colors on Sale!


Czech Glass Seed Beads in Half Kilos

 Select Colors $34.44 per 1/2 Kilo -239 Dark Aqua (11/0 & 12/0),   -254 Periwinkle (12/0)

You will find that Czech seed beads the finest, most uniform sized beads made. In addition to hanks, most colors come in Half Kilo packages.  A Half Kilo includes 17.5 ounces of beads.  The smaller the bead, the more hanks come in the Half Kilo.

A hank is a series of strings of beads with a total length of 240 inches.

Size 10/0 is the largest seed bead, while 13/0 is the smallest size we stock. Premium Colors have a higher price.

Numbers of hanks per Half Kilo. Counts will vary depending on the manufacture of the bead

  • 10/0 10 Hanks
  • 11/0  13 Hanks
  • 12/0 14 Hanks
  • 13/0 18 Hanks

Approximate numbers of beads per inch and per hank

Bead Size    Beads per             Square inches         Number of Beads

******             linear inch                  per hank                         per hank

10/0                   16                             24                                3900

11/0                   19                             21                                4300

12/0                   22                            17                                  5000

13/0                   24                            16                                 5500

Please keep in mind that colors are difficult to show on computer screens! Always order enough of a color to complete a project because individual dye lots will vary.

Note: Some colors may not be available in all sizes.

Crystal Iris AB and Matte Navy Blue are available only in 11/0.

Red Rainbow Matte, and Pearl Eggshell are available only in 10/0.

We also sell Czech Seed Beads in smaller quantities. Shop for Seed Bead Hanks.

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Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

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