Stoney Bear CD Honour Our People (KEPMITE’LSULTINEJ)


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Stoney Bear CD Honour Our People (KEPMITE’LSULTINEJ)

KEPMITE’LSULTINEJ: Honour Our People by Stoney Bear is a collection of 14 tracks by the Northern Contemporary Mi’kmaq drum Stoney Bear. They hail from Cape Breton Island. This collection includes Contest songs, Intertribal, a Sneak Up, a Crow Hop and more!

Song list:

  1. Ko’jua (Traditional Social Song)
  2. I-95 (Contest Song)
  3. NDN Bay 4L (Intertribal)
  4. White Bread (Contest Song)
  5. Get em! (Sneak Up)
  6. Grand Entry
  7. Crow Hop
  8. Bandana Sunday (Contest Song)
  9. Bear Paws (Intertribal)
  10. #FreeKyle (Double Beat)
  11. Ta’pi (Contest Song)
  12. Doves (Round Dance)
  13. Tuff St. (Intertribal)
  14. Classic (Contest Song)

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