Whimsy Scalloped Edge Pin Cushion – 25% Off!


Whimsy Scalloped Edge Pin Cushion

A crafter beaded this Scalloped Edge Pin Cushion Whimsy using Clear and colored Pony Beads. You will also see some gray-looking Basket Beads. The crafter also added Beaded Looped Tassels with Clear Pony Beads on each corner of the Pin Cushion.

It is a classic example of the Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs. Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States at the turn of the 20th century created many of these whimsies for the tourist trade.

This Pin Cushion features a floral/botanical design. The crafter beaded the design on what may have been a tan or yellow velveteen fabric which has mostly worn away.   Polished cotton in teal blue surrounded by red bias tape edging makes up the back.  You will see holes in the back fabric and sawdust is coming out.

The Beadwork on this Pin Cushion is beautiful, but the piece has not aged well.  In addition to the holes in the back fabric, the front shows significant tears.  Much of the velveteen has worn away.  Most of the beadwork seems to be intact, but you will see that some of the edge tassels have come loose. Some of the edge beads have fallen off as well.  You will find several pins remain in this Whimsy, signs that a previous owner used it for a Pin Cushion.

It measures about 7″ x  8″ not including the side tassels. The thickness is about 3″.

One of a kind!

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