Clay Wampum Bracelet


Clay Wampum Bracelet

We make our own Clay Wampum Bracelets with Reproduction Polymer Clay Wampum beads. They are woven on soft Deerskin Leather Lacing, and have Glass Crow Bead closures.  The 5 Row Clay Wampum Bracelet also makes a nice armband.

Wampum Bead designs, Deerskin Leather Lacing color and Glass Crow Bead color will vary.  Please note: We have new stock of Clay Wampum Beads that are brighter than our previous stock, so the product will look different than pictured.  See our new Clay Wampum Beads.

Choose from 3 styles:

  • 1 Row (0.5″ wide)
  • 3 Row (1.5″ wide)
  • 5 Row (2.5″ wide)

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